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Workplace strategy and
business consulting

Workplace strategy and
business consulting

Workplace strategy

Getting the best out of every single person in your organisation – every single day – requires more than just supportive policies and on-trend wellbeing programs. It’s not simply about flexibility benefits or cookie-cutter approaches either.

Instead, it’s grounded in a well-researched, bespoke workplace strategy for your ways of working, that aligns with your organisation’s purpose, values and goals. Together with the needs of the business, you need to understand the needs of your people When you have a clear picture of those, and create an environment in which those employees can thrive, everyone – the business, and the people working in it – wins.

It’s true that hybrid work isn’t easy. But in today’s world of work, and the future of work, it’s also no longer optional.
And neither is workplace strategy for your future of work.

A winning workplace strategy

Workplaces worldwide are currently on the precipice of a great change. Employees are seeking autonomy in both where and how they do their work. They also need their work to have purpose and align with who they are.

This is the overarching context within which you need to define your workplace strategy. The lines between home and work have never been so blurred. It’s a challenge – but it also gives you an opportunity to create a workplace strategy that grows and evolves with your business.

And when you bring in a workplace strategy consultant to define your unique ways of working strategy, you can expect to see improvements in:
Beyond this, you may also see reduced costs associated with absenteeism and excess office space.
Three employees in business consulting putting together a workplace strategy

The right business transformation

An effective workplace strategy doesn’t just happen by chance. Designing a solution that works both now and into the future starts with really getting to know you and your business.

A business transformation consultant will start by gathering the data they (and you) need, to understand your current reality. This will usually include:
From there, they’ll map the current state of your workplace to your future hybrid working model with the end goal of creating the environment you need to set individuals (and the organisation overall) up for success.

Building for success

At Juggle Strategies, we partner with our clients to create workplace strategies for your ways of working, that meet business needs while also helping each individual employee to succeed. We have countless business transformation case studies that show how workplace strategy and training, create the foundation of a successful business.

Every strategy we design is tailored to the organisation’s unique needs. It’s grounded in their business values and purpose, and structured to help them achieve their goals.

The difference in our approach is that we always start with the top. Our first step is to bring your executive team into the conversation… because a workplace strategy for your ways of working without executive alignment is destined to fail.

Unfortunately, we often see organisations implementing policies with strict rules and meaningless words – instead of taking a tailored strategic approach. The reality is that in the current market, doing this simply won’t fly. Instead, we help you to define a workplace strategy for your future of work that your executive team co-creates and therefore owns. Then give you the tools you need to effectively communicate that strategy to your people. Add in our leadership and management training, and you can feel 100% confident in your strategy implementation.

‘Asaleo Care is committed to establishing a diverse and inclusive workforce. Encouraging our people to manage their work and personal lives in a way that suits them and our business is an essential part of creating that workforce and a better place to work. Juggle strategies partnered with us to implement an approach to workplace flexibility that worked for us. Both Maja and Kate gave our leaders knowledge and contemporary evidence based approaches supporting them to embrace and lead change within our business. Maja and Kate make a great team and are a pleasure to work with.’


The future of your workplace

Our approach to business consulting is collaborative and backed by the latest research, and most importantly it is highly pragmatic and focused on making your new ways of working real. We know that to get the best out of your people, you need to create an environment where they can thrive.

Your workplace strategy for your ways of working is the framework that will achieve this.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you to design a workplace strategy that meets your current – and future – goals and needs.