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Leadership and
Management Training

Leadership and
Management Training

Leadership and Management Training

The nature of the workplace has changed. As a result, leaders need new and very different skill sets, mindsets and behaviours. The good news is that leadership and management training can equip your organisation’s leaders with the tools they need to navigate the future of work.

Leadership training for managers is grounded in the values and purpose of your organisation. It’s an essential tool to bring your workplace strategy to life.

Collaborative leadership training

An organisation isn’t a tangible object – it’s simply a group of people who work together. This makes people management skills critical for organisational success. But so often, leaders get promoted into their roles based on technical capability, without the skills they need to manage people. And in the shift to new ways of working, it’s these leaders who struggle the most to adapt and meet the new needs of the business. Leadership skills have evolved to require both individual and situational leadership capability. Today’s leaders must be able to build human connection and understand the value of relationships. They also need to play the role of a coach: building psychological safety and championing inclusion. Importantly, they must offer autonomy and have the confidence to lead based on outcomes, rather than in-office face time.

Leadership training courses must address all of these capabilities to truly be successful. But many of them miss the step that comes first – defining what leadership actually looks like in your organisation. This means answering questions like:
Leadership and management training meeting with six staff members

Leadership consulting

So, what are the possibilities with hybrid working and remote working solutions?

Taking a holistic leadership and management training approach that not only identifies the skills your leaders need, but also equips them with those skills, isn’t easy. Mapping out all the requirements can be a complex process, particularly in the context of ongoing change.

The shift in mindsets you need to build within layers of leadership might also be more complex than you think. That’s why taking advantage of external expertise to run leadership workshops and change leadership training is a strategic long-term investment.

A leadership consultant can look at your organisation with fresh eyes. They’ll identify your capability gaps at all leadership levels, and provide effective training solutions that create more than just a band-aid solution.

They are also able to have the tough conversations with your executive in a way that is listened to differently – they are a change champion that is in your corner.

In short, they’ll set your business up for success based on a strong leadership foundation.

Workplace strategy

At Juggle Strategies, we partner with our clients in strategic ways to help them get ready for the future of work.

In the past, the office was an anchor for business leaders and building culture. The team was together in one place. But that’s no longer the way most organisations function.

Instead, the future is in hybrid work. And leaders are the anchor of your culture.

Maybe you already have a well-defined workplace strategy and a hybrid work model in place. If so, we can help with the leadership and management training that will build your executive capability to implement it. Or, if you’re looking to leadership training as a solution we can help you to identify the best path for your business. Because quite often, the biggest gaps aren’t in your leadership capabilities. They’re deep in the very heart of your culture, your purpose and the way you do business.

‘At ClearView, we sought to expose our leaders to an array of current issues that we felt affected our employees both with the confines of our offices, but also in the wider community.  We wished to create some forums for leaders to discuss contemporary leadership issues.  Flexible working was a concept which had been floated around the organisation for a few years, but had never been addressed holistically.  We wished to bring this to the surface and to understand how a flexible workplace can support (as opposed to hinder) our organisational strategies.  

Maja and Kate from Juggle Strategies were recommended to us, and we quickly felt they were a good fit in creating a constructive conversation at all levels of the organisation due to their subject matter knowledge and willingness to collaborate.

In setting up the sessions, it was clear from the outset, that their strategy was to have a good understanding of the organisation hierarchies, long term objectives, current flexible working perceptions, and indeed our blind-spots.  This allowed them to deliver practical tools which leaders could implement straight away, but also the ability to peak beneath the surface of our Culture.  

The real value lied in their skill to challenge our leaders’ attitudes and beliefs when it came to flexible working, but also in the way they sought to expose individuals’ resistance to change, their hesitancy to trust team members, and tendencies to wait for permission from those higher up the chain of command before taking action.

Bringing these issues to the surface has created an appetite for change.  I would not hesitate to partner again with Juggle Strategies on this journey forward.’


Leading into the future of work

The future of work is here and now. But to meet the current and future demands of the workplace, you need a strategic partner.

Juggle Strategies is that partner, providing leadership training and helping you to build your strategic foundations. Based in Sydney, with clients throughout Australia, and across the world we can give you the clarity and confidence you need to manage your holistic change.

Contact us today to discuss your unique needs, and find out how we can tailor a bespoke solution to help you meet your business goals.