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‘Get Bendy’ Issue #4

COMMUNICATION AT WORK A CONFERENCE CALL IN REAL LIFE There is no doubt we can all relate to this experience!! However, the ‘conference call in real life’ is all too common and reinforces why it is so critical to communicate with intention, especially in a flex environment. Establish the preferences and “ground rules” for a conversation […]

Habit Summit 2018: Behavioural Design

We got just back from attending the Habit Summit 2018 conference in San Francisco and feeling enlightened by the experience. Here are some things we learned from keynote speaker Dr. Kyra Bobinet on her talk – The Neuroscience and Design of Compassion, Trust, and Connection.  This topic highlighted the detrimental effects of isolation and that it […]

‘Get Bendy’ Issue #3

The Four Pillars of Flexibility #1 TRUST Getting flexibility to work properly requires a change in human behaviour and that doesn’t happen as a result of a written policy. What you need are a set of guidelines → Learn how with our FREE Flex Assessment here Flex in Focus WHY WE NEED FLEXIBILITY FOR EQUALITY & […]

The reason we need flexibility for equality comes down to leadership

How many times have you joined a gym, subscribed to a publication, music streaming service or an app with full intention of cancelling after that wonderful free trial period, and then a year later found yourself seeing the money leave your account month after month and telling yourself you  really need to cancel, but somehow […]

‘Get Bendy’ Issue #2

Everyone is Juggling Something (not just working mums) SOLVING FOR FLEXIBILITY AT WORK We’re on a mission to make flexible work ‘business as usual’ and prepare organisations and their teams for the Future of Work. If you are ready to make flexibility a reality for your business → Book a FREE Flex Assessment here Flex in […]

5 reasons why you should work flexibly that have nothing to do with working mums

What image pops into most people’s heads when we say flexible working? A mother with kids who is frantically trying to “do it all”. Even with the advent of “all roles flex” organisations, people are still hesitating to go for it, and ask for what they need. Let’s be honest, when flexible work is categorised for working […]

How fear-based thinking undermines our success from within

What is the first thing you can think of that could undermine your own peace of mind? Some sort of cybercrime against you? Perhaps, but we’re thinking of something primarily internal. Your own fear. Fear is a primal instinct for every human. It is present and influencing our actions every day without us even realising […]