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5 reasons why you should work flexibly that have nothing to do with working mums

What image pops into most people’s heads when we say flexible working? A mother with kids who is frantically trying to “do it all”. Even with the advent of “all roles flex” organisations, people are still hesitating to go for it, and ask for what they need. Let’s be honest, when flexible work is categorised for working […]

How fear-based thinking undermines our success from within

What is the first thing you can think of that could undermine your own peace of mind? Some sort of cybercrime against you? Perhaps, but we’re thinking of something primarily internal. Your own fear. Fear is a primal instinct for every human. It is present and influencing our actions every day without us even realising […]

‘Get Bendy’ Issue #1

Flex in Focus SIX STRATEGIES TO KEEP YOUR TALENT POOL FROM LEAKING WITH FLEXIBLE WORKPLACE PRACTICE Organisations have a huge opportunity to tap into top new talent and hold on to their best people through flexibility. Read our tips on navigating a tricky time of year when competition for talent is fierce >  Future Thinkers WHEN […]

Six ways to bolster your talent pool with flexible work practices

The end of the year is often a time for deep reflection and change. December is when we look back and celebrate or commiserate the year that was, and look forward to a fantastic new year ahead. And January is often about how we make that happen. Resolutions are made and for a lot of […]

When flexible working is not flexible at all

I am a big advocate of flexible working. In fact, to make my life work I demand it. Alarmingly the more I talk to others about this the more I am told that for many the disappointing reality falls well short of the potential. It should therefore be no surprise that while the majority of […]

The Mirage of Work-Life Balance

Let’s stop chasing work life balance as the Holy Grail. It entirely misses the point. Work life balance implies two binary, mutually exclusive events that occur in an individual’s life and compete with each other.  It misses the point that for people who have careers rather than jobs, their work is very much part of […]