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About Juggle Strategies

We’re a team of leadership experts, executive coaches and workplace change consultants who are each driven by a desire to help organisations discover a better way to work. We know that the result doesn’t lie in strict rules or in layers of policies. Instead, we partner with our clients to embed clarity, autonomy and accountability into their workplace strategies.

We help you to get the best out of your people… so they can do the best for your business.
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Founder | Director

For 17 years, Kate pursued a successful career in large corporate organisations, working across finance, sales, commercial operations and leadership. Next came a period of entrepreneurship where she ran a consulting business that specialised in transformation and high-performance leadership training.

That’s what makes Kate such an incredible executive coach and leadership consultant. She understands the relentless demands on business leaders to deliver financial results. But she also knows that those results don’t have to come at the expense of other outcomes.
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Changing the conversation

Kate believes that the Australian debates around work/life balance, diversity and gender equality have missed the point altogether. Flexibility isn’t about benefits. It’s about purposefully designing work to get the most out of each employee while also helping them to balance their work and home lives.

As a mum of three, volunteer and entrepreneur, Kate has first-hand experience of balancing the various elements of her life. She understands what it takes to make flexibility work.

It’s exactly why she’s so driven to help business leaders challenge the status quo and change the game entirely.


Founder | Director

When Maja left the corporate world in 2013, she was on a mission to change the way Australia works. This followed various leadership roles in engineering, sales and operations across three continents.

In the years since, Maja has combined her commitment to change the landscape of work with a deep interest in human behaviour. As an advisor, coach, facilitator and speaker, she’s supported hundreds of leaders and executives in navigating the future of work.

The utopian work environment

Maja has seen for herself just how powerful the right work environment – one that focuses on outcomes instead of facetime – can be. It’s an environment where ‘flexibility’ is just business as usual.

But this type of environment isn’t the norm. It relies on building trust at all levels, and allowing people to choose how they allocate their time. Get it right, and she knows it fosters commitment and loyalty like nothing else.

For Maja, helping to create workplaces where people can be their best, both at work and in their personal lives, is the most rewarding aspect of her career.
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Founder | Non- Executive Director

Throughout Rebecca’s career in leadership sales and change management, she’s observed that businesses with engaged, productive employees can achieve amazing results. Not just in people and culture surveys, but also in bottom-line business outcomes.

But she knows that businesses can’t get these kinds of results through traditional models of working. Nor can they expect leadership and management training alone to be the solution. Instead, Rebecca advocates for organisations to provide their employees with choice around when, where and how they work.

Moving towards the solution

Rebecca completed an MBA and worked full-time in her career while also raising three young boys. Without a flexible employer, she says, this wouldn’t have been possible. Yet the alternative would have been never realising her career ambitions and potential.

That, or taking her invaluable skills to a different employer that had more flexible people and HR support. Because Rebecca recognises that flexibility isn’t just about employees. Rather, workforce participation is key to Australia’s future growth.

And with more and more people seeking employers who give them the choice and opportunities they need, Rebecca wants to move beyond the debate to the solution.

Redefining the future of work

At Juggle Strategies, we’re not your typical team of leadership consultants. We truly believe that properly implemented flexible work practices can change your business for the better.

As executive coaches, we also understand business needs. We know organisational pressures and demands, because we’ve led businesses and teams ourselves.

That’s why our solutions are practical and backed by the latest research in organisational psychology, change management and behavioural science. From leadership training that builds capability in your executive team to hybrid work planning and implementation, we guide and support you through the process. Bringing your flexible work approach to life and preparing your business for the future of work.

Our future of work business consultants in Sydney work with clients Australia-wide and across global sectors, to streamline your approach.

Contact us today to start reimagining the future of work for your business.

Reimagining the workplace so people and businesses thrive.